Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2013

perfect or disaster picnic

"the magpie is pic'n it"

I am in London for almost 5 weeks now and what can I say...i just love it! There is so much inspirations just everywhere. The course is fantastic and I am enjoying it so much. It was deffenitely the right decision and I regret nothing!
The course is quite intense and I am always really exhausted but it is deffenitely worth it. Seeing how other students express themselves differently than I do really helps me to develop my skills. The tutors are really helpful and you can really see that they love what they are doing. They are really ambitious and help to think differently and out of the box.

The first week started with a group project the brief was "create a perfect or disaster picnic".
We created "the magpies perfect picnic". It should look really sparkling and sinister. The magpie is destroying the humas perfect picnic because the bird is stealing  all the shiny and sparkling things.
But have a look on my pictures:

Also the projects of the other groups were amazing: